Tuesday, 22 December 2009

East End Life - Name and Shame

Funny how the local authorities get away with a lot. They change the rules as they go along, as and when it suits them. They spend taxpayer’s money the way they decide and we as the residents do not have a say how we would like our money to be spent. Well if not all boroughs, I can confidently say for sure, Tower Hamlets council at least.

It is a good thing that I can write what I want about them without being feared of being sued for libel. Believe me, the first opportunity they have, they would sue. I mean, come on, legal cost does not come out of their pockets but ours. To silence a big mouth who jeopardise their interest? Who knows?

I am sure all local residents of Tower Hamlets are aware that some of your money goes towards the Free Local Newspaper courtesy of Tower Hamlets Council - East End Life irrespective of Tower Hamlets stating that funding comes from advertising. And if it does come from advertising, either way it should be put back into the community.

For those of you who are not aware, but East End life has now a page in the papers where it names and shames local residents for crimes they commit. Funny how this sort of behaviour is not evident in other local London boroughs. I mean come on, the convicted are already paying the price for the time whether by serving a sentence, paying a fine or even doing community service. To name and shame that person in my opinion is just too low.

Take for instance the James Bulger case, the length the government goes to protect the identities of Killer, just shocks me. Some of the criminals named and shamed in the East End life are petty criminal who have either sold a dodgy DVD to earn a living etc. When compared with the former case, why should it be any different for local residents of Tower Hamlets?

What our East End life do not realise is that, you do no shame the person convicted, rather their family who are now left to show face in their own local community for the actions of their children or family member. You are not defaming the person but their families. How low is that of you? I don't see the council putting their names in the paper for doing backhanders and stuff.

Well the point I'm making is that something needs to be done. Our families do not deserve for others to shun and avoid them due to the crimes committed by their members. Neither should it be the position of East End life to make this decision. The convicts are paying the price for the crimes they have committed. How do you expect them to rehabilitate when in reality they are not even given the chance by their local authorities. In my opinion, the reason for the crimes committed is a result of the council’s failure in the first place. Something needs to be done. Please provide your views.